SAP and S/4 HANA / Stock Room Management

With Stock Room Management, SAP has created an opportunity to continue using the familiar WM functionalities, at least in part, even after 2025.

The warehouse management tool WM which is already common to you from the actual SAP ERP system is also available in S/4 HANA. But it is on the so-called “Compatibility Scope Matrix for SAP S/4 HANA On-Premise” which you can have a look at in the OSS-Note 2269324. For all functionalities named there, the right of use expires on 31.12.2025. That means that not only the support is going to end but also that WM must not be used anymore in S/4 HANA after 2025.

At the end of June 2019, SAP modified its licensing strategy once again. Under the name "Stock Room Management", part of the WM functionalities will remain available after 2025. However, this module will not be further developed. You can read more details and omitted functionalities in this SAP blog post.

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