clavis Optimo - Optimize Picking

In order to optimize picking in shipping, we have developed clavisOptimo, a tool (SAP Add-On) for the calculation of packaging sizes. For upcoming shipments the optimal size of the shipping carton is determined and a packing instruction is issued in order to use it optimally.


clavisOptimo – simulate the best use of space within the packaging

With clavisOptimo it is determined at the beginning of the picking process - i.e. before the actual packaging process - how a delivery can be optimally divided among the available carton sizes. Geometric calculations take into account the exact dimensions of the items to be packed and simulate the best use of space within the packaging - comparable to the Tetris computer game. In addition to the size of the articles, the calculation also takes into account the possible deformability, stackability or fragility of materials as well as the weight in order to rule out overloading.

clavisOptimo – significant savings of packing material

Besides simplifying and speeding up consignment, this tool leads to significant savings of packing material and a corresponding reduction of shipping costs. The ABAP-based program solution is Unicode-compliant and has been implemented already in a large distribution center using SAP ECC 6.0.